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Why go VEGAN ?

It's easy to avoid cruelty and suffering by simply exercising your consumer dollar. Animals feel pain just like you and me, so it's ethical not to buy into this. Side benefits include a reduction in environmental impact and vibrant health.

What's a VEGAN ?

Someone who doesn't consume animal products at all. So vegan's don't eat any meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, animal stock, gelatine etc etc. Some vegans also don't wear leather, use products derived from or tested on animals.

But what do you eat ?

There are so many different dishes I don't think I could try them all in my lifetime. Vegan food is natural, clean and delicious. For me it's not about substitute food... it's an enlightened choice. Check the recipes section for ideas.

Give me stats !

To quote from the Vegan Society of Australia: "In Australia, 168,387 cattle (calves, cows & bulls), 588,706 sheep (lambs, ewes & rams) 96,869 pigs and 7,325,365 chickens are killed EACH WEEK. (Aust Bureau of Statistics, 2000 (statistics for 1999).

Vegans think this is an obscenity! We don't need to eat animal protein in order to live healthy, happy, useful lives. Thousands of vegans have proved over many generations that it is possible and easy to live without killing."